We can’t go wrong if we say that YouTube is the go-to place where we all look for funny content,
educational videos, sports highlights, and much more. Using a YouTube VPN might give you full access to
this platform that attracts more than 2.5 billion people monthly.

Using the best VPN for YouTube will unlock plenty of cool stuff
that would otherwise be

In this article, we will see how to filter good VPNs for the most streamed platform globally
and why you should use a virtual private network to access the content.

Why use a YouTube VPN?

A YouTube VPN is a great tool for anyone who wants to protect their online privacy and security but it
goes way beyond this target. After all, antivirus software can pretty much cover that area.

So, what are the truly remarkable features that make using a VPN for YouTube actually worth it? Let’s
find out.


Access geo-restricted content

A YouTube VPN lets you access the geo-restricted content on the world’s largest
video-sharing website. By connecting to a VPN server in a different country, you can bypass regional
restrictions and watch sports highlights, news programs, and other videos unavailable in your


Increase safety when streaming YouTube in public places

When it comes to streaming YouTube in public places, it’s always better to be safe than
sorry. Public Wi-Fi networks are a common object of hacker attacks. That’s why using a VPN is such a
good idea. A VPN can help increase your safety by encrypting your traffic and making it harder for
someone to track your activities.


Bypass restriction

If you live in a country where YouTube is banned or heavily regulated, using a VPN can
help you bypass those restrictions. Likewise, if your school or college is blocking YouTube, a VPN
can give you access to educational videos that may otherwise be off-limits.


Avoid throttling

YouTube can use a lot of data, especially when you’re watching Full HD or 4K content.
This can cause congestion on your network, and your Internet service provider might throttle your
speed to avoid this. A YouTube VPN can help prevent this by encrypting your traffic and routing it
through a server that isn’t subject to the same restrictions. This can improve your connection and
help avoid buffering or other issues.


Cheaper access to YouTube Premium

YouTube offers dynamic pricing to users in different countries. There are many reasons
to subscribe to YouTube Premium, but users are subject to dynamic pricing. For example, US customers
have to pay $11.99. With a VPN, you can connect to Argentina or Turkey, where you can spend around
$2.50 per month to get the same service.

How we chose the best YouTube VPNs?

The Top 5 YouTube VPNS

PrivateVPN is the best YouTube VPN that you can find on the market. It offers great services,
high supported speeds, and multiple features for only $2 per month.

Whether you want to break the school firewall, watch videos, or subscribe to YouTube Premium
from a cheap destination like Argentina or Turkey, you can do it all with PrivateVPN.

Apart from that, you enjoy sports highlights from many countries or location-based content
without any issues. We didn’t have any problems when trying to open 4K videos with PrivateVPN. In fact,
it showed some of the most consistent speeds out there.

With a 4.9/5 rating in Trustpilot, cross-platform functionality, and access from up to 10
devices simultaneously, it earns the right to be called the best VPN for YouTube fans.

NordVPN is another reputable VPN company that lets users stream YouTube safely and securely.

An area where this VPN excels are the very fast supported speeds, so if you fancy 4K content
24/7, then NordVPN might be the right pick for you. With the support of NordLynx protocol, you can
achieve very high speeds.

You can also access countries with cheap YouTube premium access like Brazil and India, which
makes it a good bargain, if you look specifically for a VPN for YouTube. Moreover, you can watch content
on multiple operating systems

With a 4.5 rating in Trustpilot, an easy-to-use interface, and 6 supported devices per
account, you can enjoy your experience with this software. Still, we wish you could stream on more

Another rock-solid YouTube VPN is Surfshark. The Dutch VPN app comes in a very generous package
but doesn’t cost a fortune.

It’s another very fast app with cross-platform functionalities, and you can enjoy rotating IP
addresses, so it really shines with public Wi-Fi networks. It uses the WireGuard protocol to ensure you
can stream in Ultra HD without any issues.

If you want to save on a YouTube Premium plan, you can log in from countries like Argentina
or Brazil to grab good deals for many features.

Surfshark offers unlimited connections per account, 4.5 stars rating in TrustPilot, and the
ultimate mobile VPN experience, which ranks the software the highest on Apple’s App Store.

ExpressVPN is the most secure VPN for YouTube, but it goes way beyond that. The military-grade
encryption doesn’t sacrifice speeds, which is amazing.

Thanks to its proprietary Lightway protocol, it can stream in 1080p and 2160p without any
buffering issues. You can open international content from more than 90 countries which is outstanding.

You can also grab a bargain YouTube Premium, as you can use ExpressVPN to log into YouTube from
Argentina, Turkey, and other countries known for their low local prices.

ExpressVPN works on all types of devices and has a 4.7 rating in TrustPilot, but it is a bit
steep when it comes to pricing, and you can only attach 5 devices to it.

ProtonVPN is the best free VPN for YouTube, as it allows you to stream the platform from The
Netherlands, Japan, and the US.

However, to get YouTube Premium deals, you need to get the paid plan, which will allow you to
get the best speeds and top-tier streaming capabilities.

Speaking of security, ProtonVPN is also superb. One of the outstanding features it provides is
Secure Core servers, which will enhance your privacy when watching your favorite podcasts and songs.

10 devices, cross-platform support, and amazing speeds are what all YouTubers need, and
ProtonVPN offers just that.

YouTube VPN FAQs

You may be surprised to learn that there are a number of countries where you can get YouTube Premium for cheaper than the standard price. This is thanks to a little-known loophole – by using a VPN, you can change your location and access YouTube Premium at a lower cost.

There are a lot of great VPNs out there that can help you unblock YouTube TV. However, we think PrivateVPN is the best option for a few reasons. First, it’s one of the most affordable VPNs on the market. Second, it’s very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. Third, PrivateVPN has strong security features that keep your data safe and secure. Lastly, PrivateVPN offers fast speeds and reliable connections, so you can stream YouTube TV without issues.

YouTube is a great platform for watching videos, but many users worry about being able to access it with a VPN. Unlike other content platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video, YouTube isn’t very strict with VPNs. This means that you can use a VPN to access YouTube without any problems.

A YouTube VPN works in the same way as any other VPN – by routing your internet traffic through an encrypted tunnel. This means that your YouTube activity will be hidden from your ISP or any other third party who might monitor your online activity. Additionally, a YouTube VPN will unblock any restricted content you might not be able to access in your current location.