Whether you live in the UK or stay there for a while, you need to know that “someone is watching you.” As creepy as it sounds, thanks to the Investigatory Powers Bill signed in 2016, the IPA (or Investigatory Powers Act) lets authorities check on your data any day of the week, even without evidence of crime suspicions.

That’s why we are creating the article about the best VPNs in the UK, which can make your private data…private and help you get rid of snooping eyes of the government, advertisers, and hackers.

Why should you use a VPN in the UK? 

Today, more than ever, it is essential to protect your online data. And the best way to do that is by using a VPN. A VPN encrypts your data and helps keep your activities private from prying eyes. 

TSure, you could choose not to pay for a VPN and hope that your data remains safe. But why take the risk? There are too many ways to compromise your data if you’re not using a VPN. And once your data is out there, it can be used against you in all sorts of ways – from targeted ads to identity theft.  

 Paying for VPN may seem like an expense, but protecting your online data is worth it. After all, what’s the cost of peace of mind? Let’s see some of the most significant use cases of using VPNs in the UK.  


Protection against public Wi-Fi network attacks 

Connecting to a public Wi-Fi network while you’re out and about can be convenient, but it also exposes you to man-in-the-middle attacks. A VPN protects against this type of hacking by encrypting your data and ensuring that only the intended recipients can access it.  

This is very important if you’re a remote worker because you will likely connect wirelessly on your smartphone. So, next time you need to log into a public Wi-Fi network, make sure to use a VPN – it will keep your data safe from unpleasant snoops. 


Tackle United Kingdom’s privacy laws 

The Investigatory Powers Act 2016 was introduced in the UK to give law enforcement and intelligence agencies greater powers to collect and access electronic data. This act gives the government massive control over citizens’ data, which may turn against them even if they have no proof of criminal records. However, using a VPN can help people escape from this trap.  

The best VPNs in the UK offer military-grade encryption, strict no-logging policies, and a wide range of security features. They also have a proven track record of protecting users’ privacy and protecting their data from government surveillance.  


Access geo-restricted content 

If you’re living in or traveling to the United Kingdom, you may want to know how to stream geo-restricted content from your favorite streaming services. The good news is that it’s possible to do so with a VPN. A VPN will allow you to watch Amazon Prime Video, Sky, BBC iPlayer, Channel 4, Netflix, and other popular services as if you were in the country.  

All you need to do is connect to a VPN server in the country of your choice and then visit the streaming service’s website or app. You’ll be able to stream geo-restricted content without any problems.  


Smart savings 

A virtual private network can be a smart way to save money if you frequently shop online or have multiple subscriptions to different services. This is because you can use a VPN to access websites with a different IP address, which may allow you to get cheaper deals on prices that are dynamically determined based on your location. 

For example, if you connect to a website from the UK, you may be charged more than someone connecting from a country with a lower cost of living. Using a VPN can change your IP address and access better deals. 

Is using a VPN legal in the UK?

Yes, it is legal to use a VPN in the UK. In fact, it is even recommended if you want to bypass many security threats, such as identity thefts, spamming ads, and even government spying on your data. By using a VPN, you can encrypt your data so that only you and the intended recipient can access it.  

This means that your data is safe from prying eyes, whether they be hackers or the government. So if you’re looking for a way to keep your online activity private and secure, a VPN is definitely the way to go. 

How did we sort the VPNs for UK customers?

To come up with this list of VPNs, we took into account several factors – price, features, supported devices, speed, and security. In particular, we focused on those that had good support for Linux devices.

The 9 best VPN to use on the UK market

PrivateVPN is the best VPN for UK customers right now, as it provides unparalleled value for money. Whether you would like to stream your favorite TV shows or just browse the web anonymously, it can do a perfect job. 

If you want to stream geo-restricted content, it’s a number one choice, as it can open Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO Max, Sky Sports, BBC iPlayer, Channel 4, and so many more services, and the best news is that you can watch everything at 4K thanks to the blazing-fast speeds that PrivateVPN supports.  

Security-wise, it’s also top-notch, as it boasts a kill switch, 256-bit AES encryption (which you can scale down to 128-bit when you play demanding games), and a lot more security perks, with the help of which it passes our DNS leak tests successfully. 

All servers support P2P activity and streaming, so you don’t have to think twice before connecting to a server. From what we’ve seen, it’s the best VPN if you seek a user-friendly interface and a bang for your buck.  

Surfshark really offers a hot value proposition for customers seeking good discounts and no compromises on quality. 

It successfully passes our DNS leak tests, although there is a lot to be desired when using it for bypassing country firewalls. 

 The Dutch-based VPN is very well packaged with security features – AES-256 encryption, a kill switch, and multi-hop servers (though they reduce your speed dramatically) for further protection. It passed our DNS leak test without any hassle.  

We were shocked by the truly outstanding download speeds so that you can stream your favorite TV shows on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Disney+, and others. It fell short of streaming US platforms like Hulu and ESPN+, so if you’re an American living in the UK, bear that in mind. 

 If you plan to subscribe to a cheap VPN service that offers a lot of goodies under the hood, Surfshark won’t let you down.

NordVPN is a safe pick for many people just starting their UK VPN journey. It’s a popular name in the industry, and being based in Panama is a piece of good news for privacy fans who prefer their VPN app to be located outside of the 14 Eyes Alliance. 

VPN encryption usually sacrifices a portion of the bandwidth speed, but NordVPN is probably the fastest option out there, clearly outpacing everyone else on the market. Thanks to its native NordLynx protocol, it allows you to browse safely while not sacrificing performance.   

The security which is offered by the VPN is also on point, as NordVPN comes with AES 256-bit encryption, split tunneling, a kill switch, etc. It completed our IP leak test easily. 

We’re very delighted by its streaming performance, including dedicated streaming servers that cut 4K content like butter, and if it weren’t for the small device cap, it would’ve been ranked higher. 

ExpressVPN is a top-shelf VPN for UK users, offering robust security, excellent streaming capabilities, and perfect cross-platform performance. 

 When reviewing ExpressVPN, we have to start with its security features, as no one UK VPN offers such an extensive package – the RSA key, hashing algorithms, and anything else are unrivaled. The DNS leak test was passed without any issues.  

You also have access to Lightway – ExpressVPN’s own protocol, which enables fast speeds, with which you can unblock many content streaming platforms – such as HBO Max, BBC iPlayer, Channel 4, and others.  

 We are pretty pumped up about ExpressVPN. However, it only offers support of up to 5 devices per account, and the price is quite steep compared to other VPNs on the market.  

Private Internet Access (more widely known as PIA) is a terrific VPN provider for UK users. It has one of the most extensive server networks in the world, and it delivers great value for money. 

It’s one of our top-tier choices for P2P activities, and the supported speeds are also more than decent. We’d like to see improvement in Private Internet Access’ streaming capabilities, but it still does a great job with Netflix, ITV, and BBC iPlayer, especially if you want to watch content in 4K.   

The security features include a kill switch, AES-256-bit encryption, and others. The DNS leak test was completed successfully.  

 With cross-platform functionality, great prices, and 10 devices per account it looks like a very good deal. 

ProtonVPN is a great VPN for UK users. It’s a really good value for money, and it offers plenty of features. The software is easy to use, and it’s reliable.   

Security-wise, it’s one of the best VPNs on the market. It’s based in Switzerland, a country that is known for its privacy laws; it also boasts AES-256-bit encryption and secure core servers. It passed our DNS leak test successfully.   

ProtonVPN is one of the most respected names in the VPN industry. And for a good reason – their speeds are incredibly fast, there is support for 4K streaming, and the VPN has servers in many countries. 

Last but not least, ProtonVPN is probably the only VPN with a free plan that offers an unlimited data cap. If you’re wondering which VPN to choose, you won’t make a mistake with ProtonVPN.   

AtlasVPN is a new kid on the block but is already doing a perfect job for UK VPN users. The service was launched in 2019 and has quickly become one of the most popular VPNs in the country. AtlasVPN offers a great selection of features and is very affordable, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking for a VPN for UK use.  

If you’re looking for a reliable VPN service to use in the UK, AtlasVPN is worth considering. We were impressed by the fact that it has a free version that allows you to test the service before committing to a paid subscription. However, the free version has a daily data cap, and you won’t be able to access streaming apps like Netflix. 

 Bargain hunters will be delighted to see how cheap this VPN provider appears to be, albeit having various top-quality features, like rotating IP and multi-hop servers.

CyberGhost is a popular UK VPN provider that offers an all-in-one package with a VPN service, antivirus software, and an ad blocker. This comprehensive protection is one of the reasons why this VPN is so popular. 

In addition to offering outstanding protection, CyberGhost is also known for its fast speeds and easy-to-use interface. Whether you’re looking for a VPN for security or simply want to unblock websites, CyberGhost is a great option. It passed our DNS leak test perfectly.   

While it does an incredible job at streaming platforms, we would prefer other options on the list, like PrivateVPN, ExpressVPN, or Surfshark.   

 CyberGhost is a fantastic VPN for UK users. It’s fast, reliable, and easy to use and comes with an excellent offer for the money.

TunnelBear is an exceptional VPN for UK customers and offers good value for money and plenty of features that will silence the critics. 

TunnelBear has many security features, making it an excellent choice for online privacy. It uses AES-256-bit encryption by default, which is the same level of encryption used by banks and the military. Additionally, TunnelBear doesn’t keep any logs of user activity, so your identity and location are always safe 

If you’re looking for a VPN with good speeds and the ability to stream content platforms like Netflix, TunnelBear is a good option. It offers both free and paid plans, with the paid plan offering more features and faster speeds. 

TunnelBear is a great option for both individuals and businesses. It’s easy to use and provides a high level of security. Plus, it’s affordable and works with a variety of devices. 


There’s no doubt that content streaming platforms are getting better at catching people who are using VPNs to access their content. In the UK, they’re starting to crack down on those who are trying to get around the region restrictions by using a VPN. However, the best VPNs are always finding ways to get around these restrictions. 

Many options offer exceptional services, but we’ve concluded that nothing offers better value for money than PrivateVPN. On the three-year subscription, you get a great security package for just $2 per month (or just about £1.70). You can enjoy high browsing speeds, outstanding streaming capabilities, and ultimate data protection. 

When you’re looking for a VPN in the United Kingdom, it’s better to avoid free versions. Free VPNs don’t make money for service providers, and the privacy policy of a free version won’t be as strong as those of paid options. Paid VPNs are typically faster and more reliable. And steer clear from “free forever” VPNs, as the latter might be scams that will exploit your personal data. 

You don’t have to do much. All you need is a VPN that has servers in the UK (all VPNs from our top 9 list have local servers). 

  1. Download a VPN app suitable for your Operating System
  2. Log into your VPN client account 
  3. Select “United Kingdom” as a country and tap connect.