Hulu is an online streaming service that gives you access to both new and old content at a reasonable price. However, it’s only available in the US, Puerto Rico, and Japan. It’s very popular, and combines the efforts of the major TV channels – ABC, Fox, and NBC.

While the content streaming platform didn’t hit 1 million paying subscribers until the third year of its existence, the on-demand service reached more than 46 million subscribers in 2022.

Hulu is becoming increasingly popular outside the US, with American ex-pats or foreigners who used to live in the US leading the way. The streaming service offers a great selection of TV shows and movies, making it a compelling option for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on their favorite shows or watches classic films.

Streaming outside the US is a mission impossible, but with the help of a VPN for Hulu, you can unlock geo-restricted content and stream content from all parts of the world.

However, Hulu is a great VPN detective. In fact, it’s better than Disney+ and Netflix combined. As a result, not many VPNs are capable of bypassing its rigorous security.

The Best VPNs for Hulu

PrivateVPN is Time4VPN’s editor choice because it has proven over the years that it can unblock almost any streaming platform and not get caught. It’s no surprise that PrivateVPN is the best VPN for Hulu by far.

You can watch the streaming platform in 1080p and 4K without any issues, as the supported speeds are high. On top of that, you can broadcast your favorite TV shows on any type of device, as it works on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android, as well as Amazon Fire TV Stick, and others.

Apart from Hulu, you can stream Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BBC iPlayer, ESPN+, Disney+, and many other content platforms.

Best price: You can subscribe for only $2 per month on a three-year deal, and you have a 30-day money-back guarantee.

ExpressVPN is another powerhouse in streaming. While it is just as good as PrivateVPN in that department, it’s more expensive and you can connect only 5 devices per account.

However, if you’re looking for advanced security features, paired with a proprietary VPN protocol (Lightway), ExpressVPN will not disappoint. It has best-in-class protection, great server network with 100% privately owned servers.

You can watch Hulu in Full HD or 4K without any issues, as we didn’t notice any lag when streaming the platform. ExpressVPN has apps for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Best price: You can’t hunt a great bargain with ExpressVPN. The lowest price is their annual subscription, which will see you pay $6.67 per month.

NordVPN is a reputable name in the industry and supports the highest speeds in the industry, thanks to its custom-built NordLynx protocol which is based on WireGuard.

It’s safe to say that you can watch 4K content without any issues, as it’s the fastest VPN for Hulu. On top of that, there are some other perks, like the 1TB cloud plan, or cross-platform password manager.

NordVPN works across many devices, including TVs, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

Best price: The biennial basic plan will see you pay $2.99 a month, but you can pay up to $5.29 if you use the complete package.

Private Internet Access has the staggering 30,000+ servers across the world, which is more than what the rest in our VPNs for Hulu list. Combined.

On top of that, there is a great server coverage for the US, and good speeds that are supported. You can watch Full HD and Ultra HD content without buffering on the dedicated streaming servers.

PIA supports all types of devices – PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones. Apart from Hulu, it does a good job with BBC iPlayer, and Disney+.

Best price: $2.03 on a three-year deal which is quite a bargain.

CyberGhost is a popular name in the VPN industry. What we like a lot about it is that you can subscribe to a VPN, antivirus, and adblocker software, all in a single package. This is quite handy!

It showed good speeds in our tests and loaded 1080p and 4K content without any issues. We need to mention that CyberGhost has a great server coverage and is present in more than 90 countries.

Furthermore, you can broadcast Hulu on CyberGhost, and also open Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, and other streaming apps.

Best price: $2.19 per month on a two-year deal is a good option for starters.


Hulu is accessible in the US and Japan only. For viewers outside these countries, a Hulu VPN is required to access this streaming service. By masking your IP address with that of the server location you wish to be connected to, it’s possible to route your traffic through a different country and then access content that may otherwise be blocked at home.

Despite the number of VPN services available on the market, very few can unblock Hulu. At the moment, there are no free VPNs that can successfully unblock one of the most VPN-protected streaming platforms.

Hulu is very good at catching VPNs, so most options outside this list might be very well banned. But even if your VPN app unblocks the streaming platform, some issues might prevent you from watching. So, what to do if you cannot access Hulu?

  1. Check if you have connected to the correct server. Some VPNs have dedicated streaming servers that support Hulu.
  2. Clear cache and cookies. This is a routine procedure, but in many cases, it works.
  3. Disable your GPS tracking. Also, ensure you’re logged out of any app that reveals your profile (like a Google account).

Using a service such as PrivateVPN for Hulu is perfectly legal (in countries without VPN bans), but utilizing any VPN to access restricted content does violate the service’s terms of use. This means that you’re not breaking any laws, but you’re breaching the T&Cs of the streaming platform, and if detected – you can get your account deleted.

Are you a fan of Hulu but live outside of the United States? There’s no need to miss out on your favorite shows! You can still download and stream the Hulu app by using a VPN. Simply connect to a US server that supports streaming, and you’ll be able watch all your favorite content. We recommend PrivateVPN as the best VPN for streaming Hulu.